Accounting Services

A unique service that Arqam offers as part of professional services is access to our “Virtual Back Office” team that handles the details of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and tax records.

Co-Sourcing Solution

To adequately address organizational risk, Chief Audit Executives and Internal Audit Directors may require resources with significant technical expertise to execute their audit plan.Our team has the tools and technical proficiency to complement internal audit

Outsourcing Solution

Maintaining an in-house internal audit activity may not make sense for all organizations. Our professionals can function as a fully operating internal audit department that independently and objectively reports to an organization’s board responsible for corporate governance

Comprehensive Financial Audit Capabilities

Our audits are value-driven rather than requirement-driven. Arqam’s business services for public and private company clients of all sizes are comprehensive, and include:Audit, review and compilation of financial statements etc

Compliance that Meets the Industry’s Highest Standards

Arqam is registered with and licensed by Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Most of our employees are also part of professional regulatory bodies. We always strive to identify and work on areas where our processes and quality controls can be improved.

Management Focused Advisory Approach

Our personnel have experience in global and national accounting firms, team including experienced Chartered Accountants, and several of our professionals have spent time in industry with public companies

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