Our internal audit methodology drives us to analyze organizational risk and focuses internal audit efforts on key processes and systems. It employs a scalable, top-down, risk-based approach designed to drive value by delivering efficient and effective audits that are directly tied to strategic objectives. Each audit is customized to the size of the organization and the specific risks that threaten the achievement of the organizational goals.
Our risk model is designed to develop an audit universe, each ranked by the impact and likelihood of the risks that may prohibit an organization from accomplishing its objectives. Once the risks have been identified and evaluated, we develop a customized, tailored internal audit plan that meets the organization’s needs. This plan assists with managing strategic, operational, compliance and technology risks, while understanding their impact on critical business processes. Our internal audit solutions are designed to aid management, the audit committee and board of directors in better understanding and monitoring the performance of its core operations and support functions. As a part of our procedures, we audit to full compliance with all applicable auditing standards, and use the latest technology for everything from data analytics to the storage of working papers.

Outsourcing Solution

Maintaining an in-house internal audit activity may not make sense for all organizations. Our professionals can function as a fully operating internal audit department that independently and objectively reports to an organization’s board responsible for corporate governance. Our team can efficiently and effectively perform an internal audit, which provides significant insight into core processes and allows focus on day-to-day operations.

Co-Sourcing Solution (Service through secondment)

To adequately address organizational risk, Chief Audit Executives and Internal Audit Directors may require resources with significant technical expertise to execute their audit plan. Our team has the tools and technical proficiency to complement internal audit activity in conducting its annual audit plan. With our capabilities, such as continuous auditing, continuous monitoring, data mining, data analytics, regulatory expertise and diverse competencies, we have the resources to minimize anxiety and increase the value of the internal audit function. ARQAM’s internal audit solutions are designed specifically to meet the needs of clients. We’re here to provide results and add recommendations that drive business forward.