Managing risks within a transaction can be an overwhelming task. Our professionals are available for all types of projects throughout the investment cycle and available to assist in initial assessment of the proposed transaction to integration of the completed deal.

At ARQAM, our professionals are well trained and work with bankers, attorneys, intermediaries, and other deal professionals engaged in the transaction to ensure that objectives are appropriately achieved. The advantages of choosing our team include:
1.  Extensive experience providing consulting and professional accounting services
2.  Broad industry experience
3.  Partner led team
4.  Tailored and comprehensive approach
Flexible timing and deliverables

Our service offerings include:
1. Financial Due Diligence
2. Tax Due Diligence
3.  Information Technology Due Diligence
4. Human Resource Benefits Due Diligence
5.  Post-Acquisition Services

ARQAM also provides other investment cycle related accounting services for clients, including:
– Assurance and Advisory
– Business Process Improvement
– Business Valuation Service
– Risk Advisory Services
– Tax and Consulting
– Value Added Tax (VAT) compliances and filing of return
– Virtual Back Office