A unique service that Arqam offers as part of professional services is access to our “Virtual Back Office” team that handles the details of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and tax records. Staffed by skilled and experienced professionals who are chosen for both their financial skills and client relationship development abilities, our Virtual Back Office group is a cost-effective alternative to hiring and training an in-house team. Our comprehensive approach creates both short-term and long-term solutions that ultimately provide greater value.

Just-in-Time Back Office Services

We assist from the start of any accounting, audit or tax engagement, working in collaboration with the ARQAM partner who manages the account. We are available to handle the details for any or all the administrative functions, such as:

  • Establishment of tax identification numbers
  • Selection and implementation of financial software
  • Purchase orders and vendor identification systems
  • General accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll
  • Tax records
  • Budget planning
  • Expense reports
  • Cash reconciliation
  • Budget planning and production scheduling
  • Inventory and sales forecasts
  • Manage accounts receivable