Business and Management Consulting

Virtual Back office

A unique service that Arqam offers as part of professional services is access to our “Virtual Back Office” team that handles the details of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax records. Staffed by skilled and experienced professionals chosen for both their financial skills and client relationship development abilities, our Virtual Back Office group is a cost-effective alternative to hiring and training an in-house team. Our comprehensive approach creates both short-term and long-term solutions that ultimately provide greater value.

MIS Review

Arqam provides the service regarding analytical and detailed MIS review, which helps to monitor the unusual transactions/ fluctuations occurring beside the business’s regular nature, fictitious transactions, revenue leakage, and other complex variances that will help to smoothen the internal control of the organization on a timely manner.

Other financial services

With an increasingly competitive economy, it is more important than ever for financial services organizations to have the ability to continue growth and success despite the ever-changing and uncertain nature of the marketplace.


Arqam’s professionals have extensive knowledge and experience about any business challenges that exist around them and will assist you with key business decisions.


We have significant experience helping companies prepare for, implement, and evolve their processes, procedures, and controls to be responsive to growth and the need to manage critical financial risks.  


Arqam’s business services for public and private company clients  of all sizes are comprehensive and include:

• ►Selection and implementation of financial software

• ►Purchase orders and vendor identification systems

• ►Accounts outsourcing (General accounting and bookkeeping of clients)

• ►Cash reconciliation

• ►Budget planning and production scheduling



Business Consulting

Business Planning

We develop comprehensive financial projections through comprehensive financial models covering a period of 3-5 years based on explicit assumptions and management discussions. 


The assumptions cover the detailed market scenario, operating model, regulatory aspects, pricing and margins basis competition, supply chain model, fixed and variable expenses.

Commercial Due Diligence

Companies preparing for a transaction or currently in an ongoing trade need an analysis of the market and competition, supply chain, and validation of the business’s future projections. In that case, Arqam can guide them based on the management model, customer interviews, competition, and market assessment.


Along with these analyses, we also provide a reasonability assessment on the management’s financial projections and a detailed report, which investors and financial institutions can use to formulate their views on the transaction

Working Capital Optimisation

Arqam uses a multi-faceted approach to improve your overall financial performance and profitability by optimizing structural and operational processes, thereby directly impacting working capital. 


This results in medium to long-term sustainable savings rather than focusing on tactical levers to meet short-term goals. Key coverage includes:


1. Identification of areas for cash flow leakage optimization:

2. Benchmarking the working capital position of competitors

3. Designing a diagnostic workshop Working capital and cash flow management 

4. Quantification of sustainable savings opportunity