Financial Advisory Services

Corporate Planning Advisory Services

We help you with the corporate planning advisory services, including the planning of resource requirements, fundraising requirements, tax, legal, and other compliance requirements, and related costs to establish any organization in the legal form. This service also includes budgeting and forecasting, business plan formulation, competitors’ analysis, SWOT analysis, sensitivity analysis, and Market penetration and development analysis.

Transactions Advisory Services

Managing risks within a transaction can be an overwhelming task. Our professionals are available for all types of projects throughout the investment cycle and available to assist in the initial assessment of the proposed transaction to the integration of the completed deal.

Whether it’s an amalgamation or a settlement, we can operate on your behalf to ensure that objectives are appropriately achieved. Our Service includes:

  •  Financial Due Diligence
  •  Tax Due Diligence
  •  Information Technology Due Diligence
  •  Human Resource Benefits Due Diligence
  •  Post-Acquisition Services

Funding Advisory Services

ARQAM’s funding advisory team has a sound relationship with bankers, attorneys, intermediaries, and other various professionals, which enables us to assist and operate with you closely to help you raise funding from multiple resources, including:

  •   Debt Funding
  •   Bridge Finance
  •   Private Equity Investors
  •   Bonds and Equities

We can help you manage the funding process from start to finish and provide expert advice with specific features as required such as.

  •   Assisting to fix your funding requirement and developing a funding strategy.
  •   Business Plan preparation/Modeling/Review for presentation to potential investors.
  •   Leading and Project Managing the Funding/ Refinancing process
  •   Leading and advising with negotiations of terms.

Business Valuation

It takes both expert training and real-world expertise to evaluate the accurate and unbiased assessment of a business and its underlying assets. We understand the complex components of any transaction and use our experience to deliver a reliable valuation with our significant expertise in the valuation of business entities, intangible assets and intellectual properties.

Our team is trained and experienced in conducting valuations for a variety of purposes, including:

1. Mergers and acquisitions.
2. Buy/sell agreements.
3. Tax planning and tax compliance.
4. Executive compensation.
5. ESOPs.
6. Intangible assets and intellectual property.

Tax Advisory Services

Our team provides tax advisory services so that you can minimize your tax exposure and highlight the risks presented by constantly evolving and increasingly complex legislation. Drawing on our knowledge and understanding of tax regimes in India and worldwide, we offer timely information and independent advice.

We work with dynamic companies and provide tax advisory to develop bespoke tax-planning strategies suitable for their specific business structure, and our solution-oriented approach is designed to help clients understand and lessen the tax challenges that businesses face.

Some of the services include the following:

All tax-related activities including liaisoning with the tax authorities.

Timely submission of the Tax Returns.

Implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT), compliances and filing of return.

Statutory reporting as per legal and regulatory requirement.