Risk Advisory Services

Managing risk within a business can be an overwhelming task. With the changing external and internal environment, businesses are under constant pressure to maintain the effectiveness of their processes and controls. Any failure in executing or managing critical operations can significantly impact the organization and negatively impact its stakeholder values.

We at Arqam guide you to manage such risk and elevate business efficiency. Arqam’s professionals are available for a one-stop solution to our multiple clients on their risk and process needs for all types of projects to get the job done. Our risk services encompass the following:

IT and Cyber Security

Our modern data analytical methods and group of well-equipped manpower help to examine and evaluate the Organization’s Information Technology infrastructures, policies, and operations in a manner to provide assurance over the data integrity, confidentiality, availability, and reliability.

Our audit procedure would involve identifying the threats to the systems, the vulnerability of system components, and the likely impact of an incident occurring, finally identifying the counter-measures to reduce the level of exposure to an acceptable level.

Operational and Governance Risk

With the pace of changing technology, the regulators, investors, and other stakeholders focus on the importance of corporate governance, operational efficiencies, and effectiveness. Organizations need to streamline and fine-tune their process and controls. We focus on effective risk mitigation by setting up robust processes, institutionalizing the right internal controls, leveraging IT, and achieving performance improvements.

Our operational and Governance Risk service offerings include the following.

  1.  Internal Audit co-sourcing/ outsourcing.
  2. Enterprise-wide risk management.
  3. IT and general risk assessments.
  4. Agreed-upon procedures.
  5. Business process and Supply chain improvements.


Forensic Audit and Investigation

Today’s business environment is volatile. The increased number of corporate frauds, stakeholder expectations, and regulatory enforcement is ever-growing. Against this background, vulnerabilities of various fraud, misconduct, money laundering, and bribery pose a substantial threat to any business’s financial and operational effectiveness. Therefore, it is not an overstatement to say that identifying and mitigating these risks is crucial to a business’s existence.

Our Forensic and Investigation Services is the answer to help you overcome these critical business challenges effectively.